Network your Way to Success!

Lisa Margerum
Professional/Personal Development
Did you know that most employers -- whether looking for a full time employee, contractor, or consultant – interview people because of their technical skills and experiences, but hire and keep them for their social capital? In times of economic downturn, it’s not the person who is the most competent who stays; it’s the one who’s most competent, likeable, and connected. Socially adept people also get invited to the table more often for big projects and are promoted (or extended) more frequently than purely ‘competent’ individuals. Whether or not you’ve been in your role for a few months, years, or even decades – or you’re looking for a new job and new opportunities -- strategic networking is the way to make yourself more relevant, more attractive for projects and promotion – or more hirable by potential customers. Join us for an interactive session to strategize the best actions to increase your social capital and network your way to success!

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