How To Be The DBA When You Don't Have A DBA

Eric Cobb
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Not everyone has a full time Database Administrator on staff, and in many cases the responsibility of managing the database server falls on you, the developers. But as long as the backups are running successfully you're good, right? Not exactly. There is ongoing maintenance required to help ensure that your databases are running smoothly. Are your statistics out of date? Are your indexes fragmented? When was the last time the databases were checked for corruption? Has your SQL Server been tuned to fit your workload, or are you still running with the less optimal default settings? Tailored to the "Non-DBA", this session will cover these topics and more to ensure that you can avoid some performance issues you may not even realize you're having. Discussing server settings, database configurations, and recommended maintenance, you will leave this session with the knowledge (and scripts!) you need to help ensure that your SQL Server and databases are in top shape.

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