Introducing the Limitless DBA- Copy Data Management, DBA Style

60 minutes
Database Administration
Everything in our day to day lives as a DBA is about limits- • Limits in space • Limits in platform • Limits in resources • Limits in expertise This session is about how to remove those limits. How to provide all the databases you need without having to constantly ask for more disk space. How to provide a databases as fast as they are needed for new projects, new test cases and new challenges. How to do more with less time, less people and less hardware and last but not least, how to do all of this without having to become an expert in 20 different languages, products and specialties. Join Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman as she demonstrates why virtualization is key to empowering the database administrator. This session will cover how to: • Ease patching and upgrading. • Offer virtualized environments for every project- development through production with only a 1/3 or the resources once required. • How to change OS and database platforms without losing your mind.

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