Supercharge Your Maintenance Plans!

Troy Gallant
60 minutes
Database Administration
Today’s SQL Server DBA has a myriad of options when it comes to implementing their backup and maintenance strategies. From internal maintenance plans to all-encompassing third-party solutions, the options are practically endless. One very popular solution revolves around a set of free scripts provided by Swedish data scientist, Ola Hallengren. These well admired scripts are used by corporations large and small worldwide in order to facilitate backups, integrity checks, and index maintenance operations. In this session, not only will we introduce these scripts to those unfamiliar with them, but just as importantly, we’ll take a detailed look into just how these scripts can be extended and customized even further. You’ll be amazed at the flexibility offered by the optional parameters. We’ll also take a gander into the remarkably detailed logging tables in order to inspect the raw data and possibly turn it into a valuable reporting data source.

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