Real World DBA Toolkit: Focus Databases

Speaker(s)Lowell Izaguirre

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Database Administration

If Clothes make the Man, Scripts make the DBA! 
Lowell Izaguirre presents his strategy and methodology, featuring a suite of hundreds of stored procedures to  to allow the analysis,administration and maintenance of server and database objects and "better practices".
This suite of over 100 Database-targeted scripts can turn a Developer or Junior DBA into a superhero. Make yourself part of the top 10 percent!
Scripts help with things like scripting objects, fixing heaps, missing indexes, untrusted constraints, and literally hundreds of issues that may exist in a database.
Lowell's codebase introduces a unified strategy for a huge list of Database Level DBA Tasks, where the stored procedures identify issues,  as well as suggest fixes for the the problems encountered!

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