Performance Dreams started at SQL Server 2014 and come true now at SQL Server 2016

Shehap El-Nagar
60 minutes
Database Administration
“Performance dreams wait for you at SQL Server 2014 and Come true at SQL Server 2016 “, it is just like this because you there are unbelievable performance reads and substantial improvements that can drive your DB environment to a distinct level of stability and Performance to be a leading environment in a very short time ..! It looks like apparently a myth or legend to see those new SQL Server 2016 features how they could flipped up SQL Server Powers from the old generation to the new generation of in-advanced analytics using In-memory and CCI (Colmnstore indexes) where no longer need for any DWH solutions at all but just reading data directly from production DBs with ZERO performance impacts on end users ..! come in here to my session and you will know more about many new features and rich powers of SQL Server 2014 & 2016 regarding performance particularly like Microsoft project “Hekaton” for In-memory built in for OLTP , CCI( columnstore index) ,Resource Governor for IO consumpti

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