So You think You can Speak?

60 minutes
Professional Development
If you've ever enjoyed or admired the knowledge and know-how of a speaker at a SQL Saturday or a Summit , remember that they started where you are, with an interest in SQL and I.T. topics, a passion to learn more, but also with the desire to share what they know with their peers. If you have an interest in SQL or any of the Microsoft Data platform technologies, and have learned something useful in your I.T. career, consider giving back to the community by sharing what you know. While it may seem intimidating to give an hour long talk at an event like this, remember that every great speaker had to start somewhere. And for you, maybe that start is here! "Do You Think You can Speak" is a friendly competition for anyone, even first time speakers, to share for 5 - 10 minutes on a technical topic, SQL, Business Intelligence, Power BI, or otherwise, that is informative, useful, and entertaining.

Accompanying Material

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