Who's Afraid of Entity Framework?

Richie Rump
60 minutes
Database Development
Do any applications in your environment use SQL written not by a person but by the application itself? No, the system isn't self-aware. Chances are it is using the Microsoft Entity Framework (EF). EF and other object relational mapping technologies have been a boon for developers. But is EF a technology that developers should even be using? This session reviews what EF is and how it's changed over time. We'll also dive into how it works and what to look for when inspecting a database generated by EF Finally, we'll review EF-generated T-SQL and give some tips on how to improve performance. If you're a data professional who manages databases that are accessed through EF or want a basic knowledge of how EF works, this session is for you.
Individuals should have a basic knowledge of T-SQL and query tuning techniques.

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