2,4,8 & 16 - Upgrade your journey with SQL Server

90 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration
2,4,8 & 16 - these aren't just numbers to count or calculate. These are years that how SQL Server evolved as number of years! Why Upgrade? Data Platform Upgrade topic has been a popular session that I've presented in major conferences like Microsoft Tech-Ed (North America, Europe & India) and SQLbits since 2008. In this session, we will overview in depth end-to-end upgrade process that covers the essential phases, steps and issues involved in upgrading SQL Server (2000 to 2012), SQL Server 2014 (with a good overview on 2016 too) by using best practices and available resources. What to-do and what not-to-do? A popular session that I have been presenting since the year 2008, in MS Tech-Ed, SQL Saturday & SQLbits UK. We will cover the complete upgrade cycle, including the preparation tasks, upgrade tasks, and post-upgrade tasks. Real-world examples from my Consulting experience expanding on why & how such a solution.

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