Monster VM's (Database Virtualization)

Michael Corey
60 minutes
SQL Server Administration
Databases by their very nature are the classic Monster VM’s. If Monster VM’s are not virtualized properly they will never perform well and can negatively performance of other VM’s on the hosts. In this presentation, we will teach you how to properly virtualize Monster VM/Databases with vSphere 6.5. We will discuss why you virtualize, installation issues, how to Architect for performance discussing vSphere 6.5 specifics, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer.  Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, how to avoid common mistakes. Lesson learned here help you optimize any workload you are virtualizing. With Special emphasis on Monster VM’s on vSphere 6.5. This Presentation is based off a Top 10 Presentation in VMworld USA and Europe.

Accompanying Material

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