What’s new for SQL Server Analysis Services?

Thomas LeBlanc
60 minutes
Business Intelligence
So, do we stick with Multidimensional Cubes or move to a Tabular Model? Has DAX functionality improved enough to rely on performance in a Tabular Model? Will we be porting Analysis Services databases to Azure? How do we know what level or pricing model is adequate for an Azure Analysis Service database? When an Analysis Service database gets created in an enterprise, and users start to report against, it is very hard not to continue to expand the model. Comfort is obtained when a new release of Analysis Services comes along adding functionality to replace the hooks created to satisfy user requirements. With 2016 and 2017, we are seeing the move to update Tabular Models with improved performance and better security. The Multidimensional Cube additions are mainly with new Data Sources and better T-SQL generated to access source databases like Oracle and Teradata.
Dimensional Modeling database Design Using a reporting tool

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