SQL into R: an Absolute Beginners' Guide to R for the SQL User

Speaker: Stan Siranovich

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Analytics and Visualization

SQL data can be exported to any number of data manipulation, visualization, and reporting packages, including R. But what, exactly, is R and why would anyone consider it when there are already so many other choices available? We will answer those questions by considering: (1) what is R? (2) how does it work? (3) why is it so popular (4) what is so special about it?
We will do this using side-by-side examples of R and SQL code, and by using the "pipe" operator in R to connect several operations to analyze a publicly-available data set. By the end of this session, the attendees will have the previous questions answered and be able to decide whether to consider R, or to stay with their current solution.

Accompanying Material

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