The Science of Success: Building Faith in a Data Warehouse

Todd McDermid
For data professionals, understanding why a modern data warehouse doesn't get adopted immediately and broadly in an organization can be difficult. Data in your warehouse is arguably of better quality and in a more usable form than what's in the systems you source your data from… so where does this reluctance come from, and how do you overcome it? Despite our broad expertise of data tools, the robotic consistency of the computational resources they leverage, and the immutable GIGO law - presenting a reasoned and thorough validation process often isn't enough. Trust isn't given instantly, it has to be earned. The strongest faith is built by participation, and repetition. Learn how to leverage your tooling expertise in SSIS and SQL to build a dead-simple framework to build faith in data. Leverage analyst and business user questions and angst into repeatable, consistent proof of correctness - that's the science of success for a data warehouse.

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