How a traditional CMS went from on-prem SQL Server to Azure based CosmosDB, Search, Stream Analytics

Ash Prasad
Learn the journey of an Open Source Content Management's move from on premise to the cloud. DNN (formerly known as DotNetNuke) has traditionally been an on-premise solution on IIS and SQL Server. While building a new solution for content management we literally hit a limit with the on-premise Sql Server tools. We needed a schema free database - DocumentDB came to rescue. Find out why we didn't go with MongoDB. We also needed search capability, where Azure Search became the tool of choice. We need logging and telemetry from our application - App Insights was chosen. We also use Event Hubs, Stream Analytics and Data Lake. I will talk about all of these here, and present you a full picture on how to build real life scalable business applications using Azure technologies. We will focus mostly on the Data aspects of the architecture in this session.

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