From Zero to Hero: The New Powershell DBA

Andrew Nakamura
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Are you tired of doing mundane tasks repeatedly and wished there was something or someone to help? What if you could go from nothing to having amazing new code that would automate backups AND restores, fix those pesky SPN issues, query your inventory of servers and databases and give you some quick answers to managers, auditors and everyone else asking about your databases and servers. In this session, you'll learn about the Powershell community that is creating awesome solutions to ease your life as a DBA. This session is aimed at DBAs from zero to heroes who want to see the new Powershell DBA in action. Come see brand new techniques and demos and become the hero that others will envy. Come and join me for a momentous session of PowerShell and SQL, full of demos and useful solutions that you will be able to take back to your workplace. This will improve your knowledge and skills, show you how the modern DBA will work and future proof your career by becoming a new Powershell DBA.

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