Amazon Aurora - A New Dawn in the World of Relational Database Engines

Kim Schmidt
Application & Database Development
Amazon Aurora is the result of being asked this question by Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO & the person responsible for the conception of AWS: "In a world where AWS exists, how would you re-design the relational database?" What the data team came up with is a whole new paradigm shift: they built a service-oriented & decoupled architecture applied to a database engine. Aurora has 5x the throughput comparable to enterprise commercial databases at 1/10th the cost. It’s built on AWS for the cloud, it's self-managing & self-healing. You can perform 6M inserts & 30M selects per minute, scaling out further via Read Replicas. Storage automatically grows storage up to 64 TB, and more. Come hear about the hottest new AWS RDS database, its unique architecture and features, and learn why it's known as an "RDS Game Changer"!

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