Database version control and deployment: model or migration scripts?

Alex Yates
60 minutes
Database Development, Continuous Integration
For the last few years Microsoft have been promoting declarative, model-based database development with tools like SSDT. For many this is the way forward – gone are the days of managing endless upgrade scripts and manual deployments. At the same time, leaders and shakers of our industry including Jez Humble, Pramod Sadalge and Paul Stovell promote an iterative, migration script driven approach asserting that deployment scripts should be tested early and not generated by a tool. I'm irritated whenever I go to a “how to do database continuous delivery” session and the speaker presents one way as good and the other as bad. Like most things, it depends. I’ll illustrate the limitations of each approach with a simple scenario. I’ll describe which projects are better suited to a model or a migrations approach, and whether it’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

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