PowerBI your way to understand your SQL Server Estate

Speaker: Sponsor Session

Duration: 30

Track: Other

Sponsor Session with Neil Hambly from Data Movements.

Would having a good understanding of all the different versions, editions, OS Builds, CPU & Memory and database details in a single reporting place be useful? Many of my previous clients have found that just to be the case…. Well now you can too and it’s totally FREE

· Come Discover what really exists in your environments

Visualise valuable details about your SQL Servers [Do you even know about all of them]

· Claim your FREE PowerBI SQL Server Estate Report

Every Attendee can sign-up for their free report

· Useful for Capacity Planning, Migrations, Consolidations and Licensing and more.

· Extend the report to add additional reports and information

In this session, we showcase a sample report, giving you a flavour of what we can report on. This is just the beginning of the journey, if you want to know more then ask us about our SQL Server & BI Health-Checks that expand on these reports.

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