Zombie Attack Against Clustered Indexes - Who really need them!

Uwe Ricken
60 minutes
Track 3
Clustered Index zombies come out of their graves to make the peace loving Heaps to one of them in your databases. Try to attack them or find a fair way to make them living together in peaceful harmony. If you ask experts about using a clustered index you will in most cases hear the following statements: Yes, you need a narrow and contiguous clustered index for your table for good performance. Last but not least Microsoft Azure Databases requires clustered indexes but there might be situations when workloads and queries will suffer from wrong implemented clustered indexes. Watch the demos which show in an impressive way that clustered indexes are not always the best choice. Build your clustered indexes wise or - as the demos will show - forgo for it for a better scaling. Become aware of the pros and cons of Clustered Indexes and make a wise decision when to use clustered indexes and the correct key attributes for it.
The audience need to be familiar with the core concepts of Indexing. A deeper understanding of the differences between heaps and indexes is useful

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