SQL Server on Containers – Part 1

Prakash Heda
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Windows 16 introduced containers which has started a new era which will help with VM consolidation big time, the future of SQL Implementations is about installing SQL Server on Windows 16 NANO Server running as containers. It provides an isolated, resource controlled, predictable and portable operating environment inside a VM. SQL server 2017 with complete support for creating containers using Dockers, a defacto industry standard API for container packaging is to allow running SQL Server as micro-services. Docker has industry-wide support with hosted services on Azure/AWS, monitoring, logging, orchestration. No matter you want to deploy SQL server on Linux or windows containers are the way… This introductory session will help seasoned SQL Server DBA/Developers understand the basics of containers and windows 16 NANO servers running SQL Server 2016 & 17. in subsequent session Prakash will cover several demos and share scripts to start with containers

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