Answering the question, "What happened?" with Query Store

Erin Stellato
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
One of the most anticipated new features in SQL Server 2016 is Query Store. It's referred to as the "flight recorder" for SQL Server because it tracks query information, namely query plans and runtime statistics. If you've ever had to drop everything to troubleshoot a sudden change in performance, then you've probably already realized the value of this feature. In this session, we'll step through how Query Store works - you’ll understand what information it captures and how to access the historical data through the UI and the system views. We'll look at the data collected to identify queries that don't perform well and those that have regressions in performance due to different plans. Finally, we'll see how to force a specific plan for a query, discover what happens when the optimizer cannot use that plan, and examine how plan forcing compares to using plan guides. Expect to learn how to make troubleshooting easier with this feature that’s included in all editions of SQL Server 201

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