Power BI behind the scene: security and user management

60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Power BI is a great suite of tools for business analytics and reporting. You use it to create reports and dashboard to deliver insights throughout your company. But, what about the new licensing model recently introduced for Power BI? How it can fits to your needs? Every organization is a complex system with rules and limitations. Users belong to groups each with visibility profile. So you need to know how security in Power BI works: how to configure and restrict access, how to filter data based on the logged user, how to implement static and dynamic Row-level security (RLS), how to control usage of specific features. Furthermore you deal with a large number of users you can’t leverage by hand. Power BI provides an admin portal that allows you to manage users and groups in the Office 365 admin center. Come to this session to discover what’s behind the scenes in Power BI and how to implement a solution compliant to your security and governance model.

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