SQL Server & Containers

Speaker: Andrew Pruski

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

There's a lot of buzz about containers in tech at the moment but not so much in the SQL Server world which I find odd because as SQL Server people this technology has benefits that we simply shouldn't be ignoring.

My session aims to take attendees through what containers are and how they can benefit us. There are drawbacks which will also be covered but I'm hoping after this session, attendees will be able to go back to their respective companies and be able to evaluate container technology to determine whether or not it will be of benefit.

Attendees will be taken through the following: - 
The definition of containers
Virtual Machines vs Containers
Container networking fundamentals
Configuring Windows Server 2016 to run containers 
Installing the docker engine Pulling SQL images from the docker repository Running SQL Server containers 
Creating custom container images 
A real world implementation of containers

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