High Availability and Disaster Recovery on SQL Server, Azure and beyond

Paul Bertucci
60 minutes
1 - DBA & Cloud-DBA
Do you need five 9's or greater of up time? High Availability of applications and databases are rapidly becoming the "norm" around the globe. Clearly one of the hottest topics in the world to fully understand and to plan for. Mr. Bertucci will reveal a complete methodology around High Availability and present several architecture and technology solutions to HA that he showcases in his new Book (MS SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed!). He will also cover Disaster Recovery options and Business Continuity considerations along the way. In particular, this presentation covers assessing, planning, choosing, implementing and administering a high availability solution along with the business justifications of different approaches to achieve high availability (Coverage includes MS SQL Server options such as AlwaysOn and Availability Groups, Azure/AWS options, and Big Data HA architectures and hybrid solutions).

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