Power BI Admin. and Best Practices Implementation Techniques

Speaker: Ginger Grant

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: BI Analytics & Visualization

Power BI is becoming more and more widely used in various organizations. As it’s adoption grows there

are a number of decisions and practices, which if made early in the process can prevent problems.

Attendees to this session will learn the best practice methods for administering Power BI from

visualization creation to deployment. These concepts will assist to provide a successful implementation

which will scale to be able to support large deployments. Learn how to balance the needs of creating an

environment for analyst to create visualizations while balancing the desires of the data team to provide

consistent single sources of the data for reporting.

Wondering what would be gained by adding Power BI Premier edition or whether or not you can

decrease the reporting cost footprint by using Power BI Report Server? Find out what criteria can be

used to provide a good fit.

This session will also cover an in-depth dive to the administration and security feature

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