Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

Start TimeRoom 116 - Room: Room 117 - Room: Room 118 - Room: Room 214 - Room: Room 215 - Room: Room 216 - Room: Room 217 - Room: Room 218 - Room:
08:30 AMSQL Saturday

Keynote - DeVry Sponsor

Level: Beginner
09:15 AMJeff Mlakar

Introduction to Developing with SQL Azure

Level: Beginner

John Welch

Do More (ETL) with Less (Effort) - Automating SSIS

Level: Advanced
Mark Vaillancourt

Intro To Reporting Services Report Models

Level: Beginner

Allen White

Automate Policy-Based Management using PowerShell

Level: Intermediate

Thomas LaRock

Performance Tuning Made Easy

Level: Beginner

Eddie Wuerch

Find Performance Problems by Reading the Waits

Level: Intermediate

Ross LoForte

SQL 2008 High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Level: Intermediate

Ted Krueger

SSIS: The DBA multiplier

Level: Intermediate

10:45 AMHerve Roggero

SQL Azure Performance Considerations

Level: Intermediate
Doug Lane

Data-Driven Report Subscriptions with SSIS

Level: Intermediate

David Levy

What To Do When It All Goes So Wrong

Level: Beginner

Nicholas Cain

Powershell: Are you checking out my profile?

Level: Beginner

Randy Knight

Understanding SQL Server XML Features

Level: Intermediate

Aaron Bertrand

What's new in SQL Server 2011 ("Denali")?

Level: Beginner

Grant Fritchey

The Optimizer, Statistics, and Indexes

Level: Intermediate
Aaron Lowe

Raise the Bar by Writing Professional Database Cod

Level: Intermediate
12:00 PMSQL Saturday


Level: Beginner
   SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry You Rock Sponsor Session

Level: Beginner
Women in Technology

WIT Panel

Level: Beginner
1:00 PMErin Stellato

Baselines First, Troubleshooting Second

Level: Intermediate

Norman Kelm

The Script Task, powerhouse of SSIS

Level: Beginner
James Volkmann

Using Report Builder 3.0

Level: Beginner
Allan Hirt

Windows Failover Clustering Basics for the DBA

Level: Intermediate

Jason Strate

Index Black Ops

Level: Beginner

Jeremiah Peschka

Refactoring SQL

Level: Intermediate
Kevin Boles

Advanced TSQL Solutions

Level: Advanced

Red Gate

Red Gate You Rock Sponsor Session

Level: Beginner
2:30 PMBrent Ozar

SQL Server Storage: Filegroups, Files, Partitions

Level: Advanced
Haidong "Alex" Ji

Minimize fragmentation during data loading

Level: Intermediate

Dave Paulson

Running Mission Critical Apps on SQL Server

Level: Intermediate

Brian Davis

Service Broker...What's That & How Do I Use It?

Level: Beginner

Karen Lopez

Database Design Contentious Issues

Level: Intermediate
Hope Foley

Self Service BI in SQL Server 2008 R2 (PowerPivot)

Level: Beginner

David Stein

Data Warehousing - How to Convince "The Bobs"

Level: Beginner
Jes Borland

Make Your Voice Heard!

Level: Beginner

4:00 PMQuest Software

Quest You Rock Sponsor Session

Level: Beginner
Michelle Ufford

Index Internals for Mere Mortals

Level: Intermediate
Craig Purnell

Database Mirroring in the Real World

Level: Intermediate

Arie Jones

Monitoring Data Changes with Change Data Capture

Level: Intermediate
Jose Chinchilla

Custom hierachies with Analysis Services (SSAS)

Level: Advanced
Bob Pusateri

Backups & Recovery In Depth

Level: Intermediate

Tim Ford

Who Needs DMVs? You Do!

Level: Intermediate
Christina Leo

SQL Server Internals: It's What's for Dinner!

Level: Beginner
5:30 PMSQL Saturday

Ask the Experts - Prize Giveaway

Level: Beginner

Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

(SSIS, TSQL and MDS) - Record Linkage(Fuzzy Match)ira WhitesideIntermediate
7 Buzzwords About Emerging DatabasesJeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Access ADPs in depth - optimum SQL Server comboJuan SotoIntermediate
Access with SQL Server Express - Perfect!Juan SotoBeginner
Administration AutomationHaidong "Alex" JiBeginner
Advanced TSQL SolutionsKevin BolesAdvanced
An Overview of PowerPivot William E. Pearson IIIBeginner
An Overview of PowerPivot for ExcelWilliam E. Pearson IIIIntermediate
An Overview of PowerPivot in SharePoint William E. Pearson IIIIntermediate
Application Coding SinsBob PusateriIntermediate
Are you a database engineer or SQL coder? Randy KnightBeginner
Ask the Experts - Prize GiveawaySQL SaturdayBeginner
Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services (BI)William E. Pearson IIIIntermediate
Automate Policy-Based Management using PowerShellAllen WhiteIntermediate
Backups & Recovery In DepthBob PusateriIntermediate
Baselines First, Troubleshooting SecondErin StellatoIntermediate
Become Bilingual! Oracle for the SQL Server DBARandy KnightIntermediate
Becoming DAX: An Introduction ...William E. Pearson IIIBeginner
Beginner’s primer on database normalization Tim TalbertBeginner
Beyond Plateaux: Optimize SSAS via Best PracticesWilliam E. Pearson IIIIntermediate
BLITZ! One Hour SQL Server TakeoversBrent OzarIntermediate
Blogging for DollarsBrent OzarAdvanced
Bump, Zoom, Flip: Precision Report DesignDoug LaneIntermediate
Business Intelligence: Decaffeinated Please !Jose ChinchillaBeginner
Choose Your Own (Reporting) AdventureDavid SteinIntermediate
Common TSQL MistakesKevin BolesIntermediate
Creating a Metadata Mart w/ SSIS - Data Governanceira WhitesideBeginner
Custom hierachies with Analysis Services (SSAS)Jose ChinchillaAdvanced
Data Warehousing - How to Convince "The Bobs"David SteinBeginner
Database Awesomesauce with Powershell!Arie JonesIntermediate
Database Design Contentious IssuesKaren LopezIntermediate
Database Mirroring in the Real WorldCraig PurnellIntermediate
Data-Driven Report Subscriptions with SSISDoug LaneIntermediate
Design and Implement BI Like Edison!William E. Pearson IIIBeginner
Developing an End-to-End BI SolutionPeter MyersBeginner
Developing Rich Reporting Services VisualizationsPeter MyersIntermediate
Devising a Patching Strategy for Your ServersAllan HirtAdvanced
Devs are from Mars, Report Servers are from VenusDoug LaneIntermediate
Discovering the Plan CacheJason StrateBeginner
Do More (ETL) with Less (Effort) - Automating SSISJohn WelchAdvanced
Do You Know the Data Flow?John WelchBeginner
Documenting Your Integrated Microsoft BI SolutionWilliam E. Pearson IIIIntermediate
Drive SQL Server Performance: I/O For DevelopersEddie WuerchBeginner
Embedding SSRS Reports into .NET ApplicationsPeter MyersIntermediate
Emerging IP SAN technologiesCraig PurnellIntermediate
End-to-End PowerPivotPeter MyersBeginner
Enriching an Analysis Services 2008 R2 CubePeter MyersIntermediate
Enriching Applications with SSAS Data MiningPeter MyersAdvanced
Entity Strategies: Structuring Your Consultancy William E. Pearson IIIBeginner
Everything You Need to Know About SQL Azure Arie JonesIntermediate
Extended Events, Work Smarter Not HarderJason StrateBeginner
Favorite Fabulous FreebiesBrent OzarAdvanced
Find Performance Problems by Reading the WaitsEddie WuerchIntermediate
Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShellAllen WhiteIntermediate
Get Cert ! Get Cred !Jose ChinchillaBeginner
Getting Out from Behind the Curtain – The New DBADavid LevyBeginner
Getting Started with MDXWilliam E. Pearson IIIBeginner
Getting To Know Your IndexesJason StrateBeginner
Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSISJohn WelchIntermediate
Handling FILESTREAM in SQL Server 2008 R2Arie JonesIntermediate
Index Black OpsJason StrateBeginner
Index Internals for Mere MortalsMichelle UffordIntermediate
Indexes and Execution PlansKim TessereauBeginner
Indexes, Why the Fuss?Jeremiah PeschkaIntermediate
Integrating SQL Server with Active DirectoryCraig PurnellIntermediate
Intermediate PowerShellSteven MurawskiIntermediate
Intro To Reporting Services Report ModelsMark VaillancourtBeginner
Introducing the New Features in SSRS 2008 R2Peter MyersIntermediate
Introduction to Analysis Services 2008 R2 CubesPeter MyersIntermediate
Introduction to AzureHerve RoggeroIntermediate
Introduction to Developing with SQL AzureJeff MlakarBeginner
Introduction to Developing with SQL AzureJeff MlakarBeginner
Introduction to Microsoft Parallel Data WarehouseRoss LoForteBeginner
Introduction to Reporting Services 2008 R2Peter MyersBeginner
Is That A Failover Cluster On Your Laptop?Allan HirtAdvanced
Keynote - DeVry SponsorSQL SaturdayBeginner
Learning SSIS under 1 hourJose ChinchillaBeginner
Let Service Broker Help You Scale Your ApplicationAllen WhiteIntermediate
LunchSQL SaturdayBeginner
Make Your Voice Heard!Jes BorlandBeginner
Making sense of SQL Server availability optionsDavid BerminghamBeginner
Management Studio Tips & TricksAaron BertrandBeginner
Managing Sparse Resources with Resource GovernorArie JonesIntermediate
Many-to-Many: MultiIple Calendars in a Single CubeWilliam E. Pearson IIIAdvanced
Meddling with Muddy DataJeremiah PeschkaIntermediate
Minimize fragmentation during data loadingHaidong "Alex" JiIntermediate
Monitoring Data Changes with Change Data CaptureArie JonesIntermediate
MS Access with SQL Server Strategies and TipsJuan SotoBeginner
Multisite Clusters for HA and Disaster RecoveryDavid BerminghamBeginner
No more Scripting! Automated DB Source ControlRandy KnightIntermediate
Parallel Query Execution Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
Performance Tuning Made EasyThomas LaRockBeginner
PowerShell BasicsSteven MurawskiBeginner
PowerShell, the New SQL HammerNorman KelmBeginner
Powershell: Are you checking out my profile?Nicholas CainBeginner
Quest You Rock Sponsor SessionQuest SoftwareBeginner
Raise the Bar by Writing Professional Database CodAaron LoweIntermediate
Red Gate You Rock Sponsor SessionRed GateBeginner
Refactoring SQLJeremiah PeschkaIntermediate
Reporting Services 201Jes BorlandIntermediate
Running Mission Critical Apps on SQL ServerDave PaulsonIntermediate
SANs and SQL ServerKevin BolesAdvanced
Self Service BI in SQL Server 2008 R2 (PowerPivot)Hope FoleyBeginner
Service Broker...What's That & How Do I Use It?Brian DavisBeginner
Slipstreaming SQL ServerCraig PurnellBeginner
So Many High Availability Options, So Little TimeAllan HirtBeginner
Solving Real Life Production IssuesDale CunninghamIntermediate
Spatial Data...cooler than you'd thinkHope FoleyBeginner
SQL 2008 High Availability and Disaster RecoveryRoss LoForteIntermediate
SQL Azure Performance ConsiderationsHerve RoggeroIntermediate
SQL InjectionKevin BolesIntermediate
SQL Sentry You Rock Sponsor SessionSQL SentryBeginner
SQL Server Internals: It's What's for Dinner!Christina LeoBeginner
SQL Server Memory Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL Server Partitioning From A to ZKevin BolesIntermediate
SQL Server Replication Demystified Arie JonesIntermediate
SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 Unleashed!Arie JonesIntermediate
SQL Server Storage: Filegroups, Files, PartitionsBrent OzarAdvanced
SSIS Dirty Jobs-Incremental Loads Without CDC David SteinIntermediate
SSIS: The DBA multiplierTed KruegerIntermediate
Take Control with Policy Based Management!Arie JonesIntermediate
The Lazy DBA – Making ourselves more efficientTed KruegerBeginner
The Modern Resume - Building Your BrandSteve JonesBeginner
The Optimizer, Statistics, and IndexesGrant FritcheyIntermediate
The Script Task, powerhouse of SSISNorman KelmBeginner
T-SQL : Bad Habits to KickAaron BertrandBeginner
TSQL for the Access GuyJuan SotoIntermediate
T-SQL Techniques to Survive Zombie Databases David SteinBeginner
Tuning T-SQL Step by Step for BeginnersBrent OzarBeginner
Understanding SQL Server XML FeaturesRandy KnightIntermediate
Using Report Builder 3.0James VolkmannBeginner
Visual Studio 2010 Database ProjectsRandy KnightIntermediate
Waits and Queues and YOU!Thomas LaRockBeginner
What Are You Waiting For?Jason StrateBeginner
What To Do When It All Goes So WrongDavid LevyBeginner
What's new in SQL Server 2011 ("Denali")?Aaron BertrandBeginner
What's Polyglot Persistence & Why Should You Care?Jeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Who Needs DMVs? You Do!Tim FordIntermediate
Windows Failover Clustering Basics for the DBAAllan HirtIntermediate
WIT Panel Women in TechnologyBeginner
XQuery Basics for the DBAJason StrateBeginner
Zero To Cube - Fast Track to Analysis ServicesAdam JorgensenIntermediate

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

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