Data Lake Analytics - R, Python and Cognitive Services

Kenneth Nielsen
60 minutes
Big Data & Analytics
In this session we take a look and a deep dive into Aure Data Lake, a new feature on Azure that will enable amost anyone to work with BIG DATA. It combines C# and SQL to a language that is way more intuitive than what we are used to. Azure Data Lake Store, our new repository for data of various origins – we can collect, store and share data from this lake as we see fit. Azure Data Lake Analytics, a new way to scale and use your analytics on AZURE and BIG Data, it introduces U-SQL a new language combined of C# and T-SQL to make the task of analyzing BIG Data easier and more comprehendible. Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio, provide an integrated development environment that spans the Azure Data Lake, dramatically simplifying authoring, debugging and optimization for processing and analytics at any scale. The newest addition to Data Lake Analytics is execution of R, Pytnon and Cognitive Services, parts that this session will focus on.

Accompanying Material

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