Make Power BI Your Own with the Power BI APIs

Steve Wake
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Power BI makes accessing data from various sources and building advanced visualizations for analytics easy to do. Behind the scenes Power BI is built on standard technologies and APIs that allow it to be customized in multiple ways to fit in with your environment the way you need it to. In this session we will walk though samples and demos that show how you can extend Power BI with custom visualizations, access custom data sources, embed various Power BI elements in your applications, and be able to push your data into a Power BI report/dashboard. Each of these items take advantage of the Power BI APIs in different ways and we will discuss each and provide the code samples for you to take back and get a head start. This session will be showing code to access the Power BI REST API using C# and NodeJS along with some M for accessing and manipulating custom data sources.
Previous experience/knowledge of Power BI is required to understand this session. Coding experience with web services (REST) and C# and NodeJS.

Accompanying Material

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