Stop Repeating Yourself – Automating Azure Data Movement With BimlScript

Levi Syck
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Have you begun using Azure Data Factory (ADF) to copy data to and from Azure? Have you realized how fast ADF development becomes tedious and error-prone? Azure Data Factory can make it simple to process your data, but the minimal web UI and JSON configuration files make it easy to make a mistake. Your solution might have hundreds, or thousands, of files after you create datasets and activities for each source query or file. Finished development and need to make a design change? You could be looking at hours of manual updates. But you don’t have to settle for manual ADF development. In this session I’ll introduce you to BimlScript and the BimlExpress add-in for Visual Studio and I'll demonstrate how to use these tools to automate the creation of ADF datasets and pipelines. I’ll use real-world examples to show you how automation can decrease your development time and encourage iterative development.

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