Profiler is Dead! Long Live Extended Events!

Keith Tate
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Did you know that Profiler and SQL Trace are deprecated? I know it still works, but it will never be updated with the latest features. In fact it will never be updated at all! That means if you want to capture information about any new feature, from version SQL Server 2012 and beyond, you need to use another tool. That new tool is Extended Events (XE). Not only has it replaced Profiler, and can be used to capture information on all new features, but it is a substantially better tool! In this session we will discuss the architecture of Extended Events, how to setup a new trace from scratch or convert an existing Profiler trace, and the new abilities that never existed in Profiler. We will also cover the difference in overhead cost of Profiler and Extended Events. Profiler was a friend of mine, but it is time to embrace the new king!

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