Becoming a Master by Giving it All Away

Michael Wall
Professional Development
It has been said that novices absorb knowledge like a sponge, intermediates hoard it for themselves, and masters just simply give it away. The community spirit of PASS is for like-minded professionals to interact and share knowledge. But how do you do this in your own workplace? What happens when Bob takes off with one day of notice? How do you manage when Jane unfortunately has to spend a month in the hospital? All joking aside, the only way to truly become a master at your craft is to share your precious knowledge with your peers and workmates. We will discuss past and current trends in knowledge transfer, the reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) pass on knowledge, and methods for making this happen in your workplace and in your life. Be prepared for an interactive and lively discussion and to walk away with some new concepts that are going to make you think about how you too can become a Master!

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