I like big data for $400 - Exploring quiz show questions using Angular, CosmosDB and Azure Search

60 minutes
Application & Database Development
In this talk, we will explore two powerful technologies from the Microsoft Azure Stack: CosmosDB and Azure Search. CosmosDB is Microsoft's scalable service for building globally schema-free applications. Azure Search allows you to integrate the power of Microsoft's search and natural language processing abilities to explore your complex data stores. During this talk we will cover the benefits of implementing a schema-free database, we will learn how to replicate your data at a global scale with the ease of a simple configuration and we will cover various techniques of querying that data using SQL and the CosmosDB/DocumentDB API. Once we have a large datastore in place (we will use 200k+ Jeopardy questions), we will apply the powerful natural language querying capabilities and faceted search features of Azure Search to quickly create an searchable data repository. All of this will be built and exposed using a cross-platform application built in Angular on the Electron framework.

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