Monitoring and Alerting of Availability Groups

Speaker: Shawn Meyers

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

So you have your availability groups configured and everything reports green.  How do you measure SLA compliance? Do you know when replication is delayed? Were you notified when it failed over last night?
This session will answer all these questions and more, and will show you what you should be looking at to ensure no surprises.
We will look at the DMVs, extended event sessions, perfmon counters, SQL agent jobs and alerts to show what to monitor in your AG and how to setup alerting so you know when to take action.
Demo:  Show AG dashboard and cause AG failures and excessive delay and show how alerts are sent
Teach what to monitor in AGs for proper health
Alert on events when they occur which the DBA should know about
Demonstrate alerts and notifications when failures or delays occur in your environment

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