Advanced insides into System Versioned Temporal Tables [DE/EN]

Uwe Ricken
60 minutes
Administration (Platform, Architecture)
SQL Server 2016 introduces support for system-versioned temporal tables as a database feature that brings built-in support for providing information about data stored in the table at any point in time rather than only the data that is correct at the current moment in time. This session takes you behind the basics of Temporal Tables and answers - after a short introduction - the following questions: - How to handle the change of NULL constraints? - Can Temporal Tables be renamed and what happens to the System Versioned table? - What will happen if you change meta data (data length, data type, ...)? - What happens if you drop a column or add another column to the Temporal Table? - what about security for the system versioned table? - what about calculated columns in the temporal table? - ... You are interested in the answers to all the above questions (and more). This session will answer EVERY question about Temporal Tables.

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