Implementing a hybrid data warehouse [EN]

60 minutes
Cloud (Application Development & Deployment)
The last couple of years have seen the emergency of "Big Data", "Cloud" and "Internet of Things". Subsequently, Gartner at the 2016 Gartner Summit in Barcelona declared the Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) as dead. Which of course is silly. Sensible companies don't just throw money out of the window. But they need to adapt and change when new opportunities arrive. Enter the hybrid data warehouse. Combining the power of big data and cloud with your trusty EDW. This session will take a look at a few different approaches to a hybrid data warehouse, with components such as SQLServer 2016, Azure Data Lake, HDInsight, Azure Analysis Services, Azure SQL Data warehouse and Polybase, with some scenarios where the approaches might become relevant. And some pitfalls you need to know about along the way.

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