Data Science for beginners [EN]

Tomaž Kaštrun
60 minutes
BI (Advanced Analysis, Visualization, Information Delivery)
Data science can be hard to grasp, complex and big, but making data science easy to understand and bringing it closer to all who want to tackle this new emerging field is an important task in world of data. Exploring, extracting and finding hidden gems from data using statistical and mathematical methods, computer science and several different technologies is essentially what data science is doing. In practice this means, data science is an iterative process of harvesting data, managing and cleaning the data, performing analysis and and at the end interpreting, visualizing and using information that will bring insights to end-user, business people and making decisions much easier. We will focus on answering 5 simple questions. 1) is this weird? 2) is A better than B, respectively? 3) how much / many of this is needed? 4) this belong to group A? 5) what is next? Session we will look into technologies that can be tackled using SQL Server 2016 and ML Azure.

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