Data Modeling for the Modern Enterprise

Ryan Casey
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
This session is theoretical with a focus on the many ways that we can model data. We will discuss why we select one modeling technique over the other in different user scenarios. These different scenarios will vary by industry and company, two main scenarios include: purchasing a product and storing the data related to the sales transaction, or visualizing the total sales for a product, month over month, for the calendar year 2016. Diagrams will be used to explain these different models and try to bring a more tangible aspect to the theoretical aspects of the discussion. Demos using IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect will be used to conclude the presentation. Why Model Data • Business Benefits and Value Different Model Types • Enterprise Model • Conceptual Model • Logical Model • Physical Model • Dimensional Model Different Modeling Techniques • Normal Form Modeling • Star & Snow Flake Schema • Slowly Changing Dimensions • Many to Many Relationships

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