Don't just code it—Generate It

Kevin Mackey
Application & Database Development
Code Generators are all the rage—BIML, JS frameworks, .NET scaffolding, even the humble templates provide by SSMS for views, stored procedures, functions. Table-driven applications allow one set of code to handle changing business needs. Metadata-driven code generation takes this a giant step further. If you can describe your code with an algorithm operating against a set of data, you can get a computer to produce the code. - Source to Target mapping documents can be used to generate the code to effect the mapping. - Service Broker activation stored procedures have a clearly defined structure. They can be mass-produced. - Standard CRUD stored procedures can be stamped out cookie-cutter fashion. - Business rules can be encoded in data and the code to implement them manufactured. Generated code has systematic errors. Fix the errors at the generator. All the code now works. If the code is so boring that a computer can produce it, why not spend your talent doing something interesting?

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