DBA Fundamentals - give yourself a solid SQL foundation!

Speaker: Kevin Hill

Duration: 480

Track: Administration

This class is designed for New or Non-DBAs struggling with SQL admin tasks, and having to Google things daily.

I will teach you SQL Server fundamentals so that you will have confidence in:

•	What makes up a SQL Server
•	How a database is structured
•	How to install and what to look out for
•	Finding what you need in Management Studio
•	SQL Security Basics
•	How to create and manage backups
•	How to create a database
•	Basic performance troubleshooting
•	Picking a Disaster Recovery option for your environment

These are taught from a foundational standpoint, in simple to understand terms so that you can build on them with confidence.

My teaching is heavy on interaction, with examples from years of experience/mistakes. There will be a mix of slides and demos.  I will skip many advanced features that are out of scope of a beginner class, as I don't want your head to explode!

Join me for the day and you will walk out with a strong grasp of SQL Admin basics!

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