SQL Server Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Best Of Both Worlds With On-Prem & Cloud

Paul Timmerman
60 minutes
For years it seemed that the only message SQL Server professionals were hearing was "to the Cloud.... you must get to the Cloud!". However, if you work in a highly regulated industry, or one simply averse to change, this likely was not an option for you. The good news is, Microsoft heard your feedback and has been busy incorporating Cloud connectivity, compatibility, and functionality into the box product. Come spend the hour with me and you’ll learn how to leverage the power of the Cloud with your on-premises SQL Server install. We’ll cover backup and restore options with Windows Azure Storage, using Windows Azure VMs for high availability, how to store your data files in Windows Azure Storage, and more. We’ll start with SQL Server 2012 and work our way up to the most recently released bits for SQL Server 2016. You can have the best of both worlds with a SQL Server Hybrid Cloud strategy!

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