Interrogating your data sources with Biml

Speaker: Shannon Lowder

Duration: 90 minutes

Track: BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

You've started using Biml to make your ETL development easier.   The problem is not all your data sources have easy to read metadata like SQL Server.  How do you create usable metadata from these sources?

Simple!  Attend my session and learn how others are doing it using my open source Interrogator.  This code can take any text-based data and apply a series of tests in order to determine what datatype best fits.  These tests also build on each other to allow you to determine the best fit for a column based on the whole file, or on a collection of files.  No more guessing based on the first 200 rows!

During the session, I'll also give a primer on some basic C# programming techniques that can be used along with the code to apply the Interrogator to your own semi-structured data sources.

Accompanying Material

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