Achieve More in Less Time Using the New SQL PowerShell (90 Minutes)

Aaron Nelson
90 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Microsoft's official PowerShell module for SQL Server offers faster ways to manage your entire data-loving world. I will show you the best of the new features in the new SqlServer module, and why every data professional will find it useful. Prior to SQL Server 2016 using SQL PowerShell was like installing training wheels on a Ducati. The SQL Tools team changed all that, by working with the community to prioritize improvements to SQL PowerShell. Additionally, they've started releasing regular updates. The SQL Server team has already delivered new cmdlets to help you manage SQL Agent Jobs, SQL Error Logs, and Add & Remove Logins. My favorite new feature is how you can now query multiple sources (SQL, csv files, etc.) and combine the results easily. Leveraging .NET DataTables, you can insert those results into SQL Server in a streamlined way. By the end of this session, you'll have a taste of all the new capabilities in SQL PowerShell, and a cheat-sheet to help you remember wha

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