Solving Real World DevOps Problems - Customer success stories (90 min)

boB Taylor
90 minutes
Application & Database Development
In a cloud-first world, DB DevOps are critical, not only from a functional perspective but even more from both scalability of operations and availability perspectives. Here are some of the challenges faced by SaaS ISVs and enterprises using Azure SQL DB or SQL Server: - How do you minimize downtime due to database schema changes? - How do you deploy at scale across hundreds or thousands of databases? - How do you ensure end-to-end security at the DB layer regardless of the type of the query? SQL Server offers some great DB DevOps capabilities with SSDT and SQLPackage. Underlying these are the SQLDOM parser and the DACFX libraries. Iwill showcase the power of these libraries by using some real-world use cases (with demos!), each of which was encountered in direct customer engagement by the SQLCAT team and field counterpart.

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