TempDB: The forgotten pillar of performance tuning

Speaker: Hamish Watson

Duration: 70

Track: Perform

TempDB is an integral part of SQL Server, and is often overlooked when trying to get the most out of your system. Researching the many suggested methods of tuning TempDB is a long, arduous and at times confusing process.

In this session we will go over what TempDB is used for, why it is a special and important type of database and how to tune it to enhance the performance of your overall system. 

We will start with determining the best configuration of TempDB database files to use, the impact disk configuration has, which trace flags are important and what changes SQL Server 2016 will bring us. We will look at what is stored in TempDB and how both developers and DBA can optimize how TempDB is configured and used.

We will then use these best practices to optimize our instance and performance tune our queries to make the system faster.

Accompanying Material

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