Well, actually... How to not be THAT guy in IT

Rie Irish
Unless you've been in a cave, you've seen articles lately on what it's like to be a woman in tech. In 2017, waves of blogs and news articles tell us about those extreme examples of misogyny. Only they aren't fringe, one-off stories. It's happening to women you know. IT can be an inhospitable place for women. Some call it a "bro-grammer" culture. Compared to men, women are leaving IT at 2.5x and are interrupted 3x as often. Our credentials are called into question. We're called emotional or aggressive. We have our own job explained to us. Sometimes its subtle. Other times it's overt. There's always that one guy who ruins it for the rest of you. It doesn't have to be that way. Most of the guys we work with are stand-up, respectable WIT allies. The problem is, you don't always notice when it happens. Learn what those subtle forms of sexism look like at work. Learn how you can stop that guy in his tracks. Learn how to not BE that guy, even when you're just trying to help.

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