Building an End to End IoT Solution Using Raspberry Pi Sensors & Azure

Speaker: Paul Andrew

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: BI/DEV

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The Internet of Things is the new kid on the block offering a wealth of possibilities for data streaming and rich analytics. Using a Raspberry Pi 3 we will take an end to end look at how to interact with the physical world collecting sensor values and feeding that data in real-time into cloud services for manipulation and consumption. This will be a heavily demonstrated session looking at how such an environment can be setup using the Microsoft offerings including; Windows 10 IoT Core, a C# Universal Windows Platform application, an Azure IoT Event Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure SQL DB and Power BI. This is an overview of what’s possible, but showing exactly how to build such a simplified solution with a session which will be 90% demonstrations. In addition, spare Raspberry Pi devices will be available for the audience to pass around and look at. This will hopefully add that level excitement of what hardware is now available and what it can do when setup with Microsoft software.

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