Scale-Out your SSIS Package Executions

60 minutes
With a rising number of parallel SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package executions the resource requirements on the SSIS server can be a limiting factor. In older SQL Server versions, scale-out architectures needed to be implemented by hand and required a lot of manual implementation effort. Beginning with SQL Server 2017, SSIS provides a built-in scale-out functionality for package executions. After the definition of scalability-types, the SSIS scale-out architecture and the involved system-parts are introduced. The attendees will learn the basics, get checklists and best practices when building up their own SSIS scale-out cluster. In addition to the configuration using SSMS other configuration options (command line, T-SQL,..) are presented. Behind the scenes information like logging, the programmability interfaces and configuration options will be shared.
The attendess should have basic SSIS knowledge. As some parts of the session contain T-SQL code there should be basic knowledge too.

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