Why am I able to master several technology languages but I struggle in my own business language?

Karen Nelson
60 minutes
Professional Development
Technology people are well known to be focused, results motivated, introvert, etc. 95% of your time is spent “communicating” successfully with computers: programming, building databases, analizing, etc. If something is wrong an alert window will pop up. The problem is that human interaction doesn’t have any warning sound to do it all over again or make some changes. Most of the time we only have one chance to do it right. The struggles shows in a workplace filled with employees of different backgrounds or cultures, with different native languages that convey to speak English as the business language. Plus the fact that we don’t have the right skills to communicate appropriately. The problems will inevitably arise during human interaction; what we can do is try to minimize the frustration that it takes to communicate efficiently. In this session we will be able to learn that communication is not just a given fact, is something that needs to be learnt and taught.

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