Reducing The Surface Area Of Risk in Data Security

Tim Gorman
60 minutes
Cloud Database/Application Development & Deployment
Data obfuscation, also known as data masking, is soon a new legal requirement. Masking is the solution for non-production systems (i.e. DEV, TEST, etc) to greatly reduce the surface area of risk for data breach in your organization. Masking should not be confused with encryption, which is an appropriate solution for production applications. Those who believe that encryption solves all security problems are misled. When done properly, masked data is not noticeable unless you look closely. Masking data well might still be usable for analytic reporting and aggregation, yet utterly useless for revealing confidential data. Masking is important enough that sophisticated software packages have become available. Come learn about the right way to mask non-production data in order to allow the organization to limit possible exposure only to production. Learn what techniques can be used, why, and what factors should be considered when deciding to secure confidential data.

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