Top Tools for Tuning SQL: Focus on Plan Explorer

Kevin Kline
60 minutes
Database & Application Development
In this demo-packed session, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks for SQL code tuning to help you with some of the most problematic and troublesome SQL coding issues which you can take home and immediately apply to your SQL code. You’ll learn things like: 1. What are the most popular free tools and scripts for performance tuning in the SQL Server community. 2. A little-known technique to create a tiny version of large production databases, yet deliver query execution behaviors as you would see in production along with a sneaky DBCC commands that helps replicate a full production server on your workstation. 4. Best practices in reading execution plans using the free tool, Plan Explorer. 5. A variety of T-SQL techniques, including the best way to write a cursor, a quick trick that can save you 20-30% processing times on your big stored procedures, and some weird situations where SQL Server doesn’t use cached plans when it should.

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